Netflix says ‘House of Cards’ is most-streamed show, but has ‘no motivation’ to release stats

By Daniel S Levine,

Media observers will just have to take Netflix’s word for it: House of Cards is a success. The company claims that it is its most-streamed show and that most people have watched more than one episode. As for specific details, Netflix doesn’t see the point in releasing numbers.

Chief content officer Ted Sarandos said at the D: Dive Into Media conference Tuesday that the 13-episode first season is the most streamed program on Netflix, reports The Hollywood Reporter. He explained that there is “no motivation” to release numbers since Netflix has no commercials.

“Nearly everyone who watched, saw multiple episodes,” he explained, notes CNET. “This show is built to be watched in multiple episode settings. For every show from HBO to FX, viewers may not have seen the previous episode so they try to fill in blanks. We don't need to spend time on exposition.”

Each episode of House of Cards doesn’t begin with a “on last week’s episode” segment. All 13 episodes were made available at once on Feb. 1 and Netflix is gambling $100 million on its success. The company has already ordered a second season.

“We are crafting long-form story telling for any way you want to watch. We won't get the weekly buzz thing, but neither do albums...or books. People figure out how to talk about it,” Sarandos added. “It's a different style of water cooler. If you are on episode eight and I am on four, I know not to talk about five. I didn't want to take one show and take choice away from users. There are no extra points for binge watching. For me, it's about expansion of choice.”

In May, Netflix will launch 14 episodes of Arrested Development, reviving the beloved sitcom. Just yesterday, the company announced a joint venture with DreamWorks Animation to launch a children’s show in September.

House of Cards stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright with David Fincher as executive producer. Media Rights Capital produced the series.

image: Netflix



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