New Girl Recap: 'Parking Spot'

By Lauren Wheeler,
Things get weird on this week's 'New Girl'

On this week’s New Girl, things got weird. The roommates fought over a parking spot; Winston searched for a condom and the relationship between Nick and Jess got even more complicated.

When the episode began, the roommates found out that there was an open parking spot for the loft. However, there was only one. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) suggested sharing it. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) disagreed. They then discussed why they deserved it.

Nick (Jake Johnson) said he deserved the parking spot because he was a poor bartender. Winston (Lamorne Morris) pulled the “race card.” Jess said she deserved it because she was the only girl. And poor Schmidt simply stated that he deserved the spot.

As the roommates sit at the table to discuss the open parking spot, Winston texts his girlfriend, Daisy (Brenda Song), discussing his window of time to have sex. As Winston receives a text message saying that it was time, he forfeits his chance at the only parking lot.

Then, Schmidt and Jess stare at Nick until he gives up his rights to the parking spot. This led to Nick becoming the swing vote.

While Jess and Nick are discussing his decision to pick her for the spot, they agreed that it is not weird between them. However, to the viewers it is very weird. Their body language is weird and when they lean in for a hug, Jess twists Nick’s nipples.

As Nick goes to tell Schmidt his choice, Schmidt realizes that Nick and Jess have kissed. This leads into a typical Schmidt-tantrum with a monologue. Instead of confronting the kiss and explaining the situation to Schmidt, Nick says that he will take the spot.

Jess and Schmidt decide that Nick taking the spot is not acceptable and that the fairest way to decide the spot is to race to it.

The highlight of the episode was Nick, Jess and Schmidt racing to their cars and trying to get to the spot first. Jess’s car was covered in hipster friendly cats, a random cardboard box covered Nick’s car and Schmidt’s car was blocked into a lot.

After realizing that his car would not start, Nick decided to go the old fashion way and grab a chair. To hold his spot, he decided to sit in the spot. Schmidt, the second to arrive, threatens to run Nick over until he got the spot. Jess, who arrives third, decides to hit Schmidt’s car to get it.

The three then sit in the spot, waiting for the others to give up. Schmidt- who clearly wants the spot the most- pees his pants. Jess gives up her spot after Nick goes on a rant. He told Jess that kissing her was the biggest mistake of his life. He said it was worse than Caroline (ouch!) and law school.

After following Jess in, Nick explains that he didn’t mean the kiss was the mistake, he simply meant that the after-effects of the kiss were terrible. And, he reveals to her that the guys signed a no-nail oath.

They all agreed that no one would nail her because it would mess up the vibe of the loft. And in a strange clause, it stated that, if one-person did, all of the roommates would have to nail her.

And to prove to Schmidt and Nick that the Nick/Jess kiss was no big deal, Jess kissed Schmidt. As weird as Nick and Jess were, the Jess/Schmidt kiss was weirder.

And Winston finally arrives from his very, very long night. Normally Winston’s side story is pretty funny. However, this week, it was as if the writers were trying too hard to find a way to give him something awkward. Isn’t it time for Winston to be happy?

He finally got to have sex with Daisy and as he arrived to her house late (he got lost), he had no condom. He then spent the whole night wearing YUM pants trying to find a condom. His adventures included searching through his roommates’ drawers, storming in on Cece’s date and asking anyone in a grocery store to buy him one. After poor Winston finally got a rubber, he couldn’t even remember which building was Daisy’s.

Not surprisingly, Winston ended up with the parking spot. The roomies pitied him for having such bad luck.

Overall, it was a strong episode that was funny and had significant character and relationship development. At this point, it is pretty obvious that Nick and Jess will get together. The real question is, will they stay together or will it ruin the vibe of the loft?



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