'New Girl' Recap: 'Tinfinity'

By Lauren Wheeler,
'Tinfinity' and beyond!

On this week’s New Girl, Jess got an overly attached boyfriend, Nick and Schmidt celebrated their anniversary and Cece got engaged.

Is it just me or is Jess going through boyfriends faster than a Taylor Swift album? Didn’t she just break up with Doctor Sam? I agree with Cece; what is going on in this loft?

In this episode, Jess decided to find a man to take her mind off of her kiss with Nick. She wanted a man with feelings and one who could talk about them. That is when she met Winston’s professional football playing friend Jax (Steve Howey) and decided to date him.

Winston said that they shouldn’t date but Jess hit on him anyway. She flirted and there was a montage of their cute dates and Winston trying to keep them from getting together and getting tackled by other football players.

Last week, Winston couldn’t get laid. This week, professional football players are tackling him? The guy really can’t catch a break.

Jess learned however, that Jax had more feelings than she accounted for. He cried and poured his heart out to her. When Jess went to Winston for emergency advice, he told her that, “Jax doesn’t like; he loves.” So Jess lied about her emotions.
Meanwhile, Nick and Schmidt plan to throw a party celebrating their anniversary of being roommates for 10 years. The theme was “tinvinity.” Through flashbacks we learned that Schmidt always plans their parties.

Which, on a side note, Fat Schmidt in flashbacks is always a delight to see. He adds depth to Schmidt’s character and is hilarious.

For this party, though, Nick got to help. He was only in charge of balloons and port-a-potties. I really don’t like how the show dumbs down Nick so much. The guy got into law school (and dropped out), yet they still make him seem like a bonehead sometimes.

The party did not go as planned. Schmidt, not trusting Nick with the port-a-potties, got his own. He rented glorious, trailer-sized ones.

Nick didn’t rent one, he bought one. The port-a-potty he bought, however, was disgusting. It was rusted and no one wanted to use it. The port-a-potty argument made Nick question his relationship with Schmidt, even asking why Schmidt thought he was better than him.

Then, when it was time to make speeches, Nick was nowhere to be found and Cece’s boyfriend, Shivrang (Satya Bhabha), took the stage. Schmidt watched from the front row as Cece was proposed to and she accepted.

Poor Schmidt.

Then Jess’s football playing boyfriend got onto stage and said that he wanted to marry her. He wanted to have babies with her. Jess politely faded into the crowd.

I hope Jess takes the crazy football player relationship as a chance to step back and breathe. She needs to take a good look at her life. She has lost her job, kissed her roommate and witnessed her best friend get engaged. Jess needs some alone time.

The end of the episode was delightfully depressing. Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Jess were in Nick’s deflated hot air balloon talking about their “terrible” lives and drinking.

What do you think? Is Cece going to marry Shivrang? Will Jess and Nick maturely discuss their kiss?



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