New James Bond novel due out in the fall

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
The new novel will go back to a classic Bond setting in 1969

A new James Bond book will be released in the UK this September and in the US in October, according to an announcement made Tuesday by Bond creator Ian Fleming’s estate.

Details of the title and plot will remain a “closely guarded secret,” according to the Fleming official website. But in the announcement made Tuesday, the novel is authored by William Boyd and is said to take place in the old-style Bond setting in 1969 with a 45-year-old James Bond.

Fleming is responsible for the Bond franchise stemming from many of the novels, and Boyd will be the eighth author to continue the series since Fleming died in 1964, according to The Wrap.

Movies aside, the series of novels is among the most successful in history.

Boyd is quoted as saying he “accepted at once” the offer by Fleming’s estate, according to BBC. He is the third author to be approached by the estate in recent years.

The book will be published by Jonathan Cape in the UK and by Harper Collins in the US sometime in early October.



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