New Orleans, NFL still trying to explain Super Bowl power outage, but they know it’s not Beyonce’s fault

By Daniel S Levine,

More than a day after the Baltimore Ravens won one of the most bizarre Super Bowls in recent memory, the NFL and New Orleans are still trying to figure out the cause of the 34-minute blackout that brought the game to a halt. However, they do know that they can’t blame Beyonce’s electric performance at halftime.

The blackout occurred just after halftime, following Jacoby Jones’ kickoff return for a touchdown. During the blackout, many on Twitter joked that Beyonce had sucked out all the power from the Superdome, but on Monday, SMG, which runs the dome, said that it’s not possible.

According to The Associated Press, SMG’s Doug Thornton explained that Beyonce’s show had its own generator. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell agreed, adding, “There's no indication at all that this was caused by the halftime show. Absolutely not. I know that's been out there that this halftime show had something to do with it. That is not the case.”

“It was not on our power grid at all,” Thornton added.

On Monday, the NFL could only call it an “unfortunate circumstance.” Goodell tried to explain, “They’re going through a process they call a ‘root-cause analysis,’ which I could not explain to you, but we will do it,” reports Boston.com. Goodell added that he hopes that it doesn’t diminish the fact that people had a great week leading up to the game in New Orleans.

According to CNN, some city officials were concerned that it would make the city look bad as it continued to recover from Hurricane Katrina. It was the first Super Bowl in the city since that storm. “I am extremely disappointed in the power failure at the Superdome during last night's Super Bowl game,” city council member Cynthia Hedge-Morrell stated.

To calm fears that the league might stay away in the future, Goodell added that it will not be a deciding factor when the city is up for the chance to host another Super Bowl.

Entergy Corp. is working with SMG to investigate the issue. Mayor Mitch Landrieu said that we will soon know the cause.



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