New program, Pet Food Stamps, helps feed animals nationwide

By Camille Requiestas,

A new program based in New York called Pet Food Stamps has arisen to help low-income families feed their pets.

The program may be based in New York, but it is now able to provide pet food to anyone in the United States, reports ABC News. It is purely a donation-based program, so government funding is not provided.

Executive director Marc Okon said, “We’re not looking for government funding at this point. Should the government be willing to provide assistance further down the line, we will look into it.”

About 45,000 people have already signed up for this program, claims the Global Post.

Families can apply online and state their need for food and income. Once approved, they will receive a bag of food from a participating donor once a month for six months.

Other groups, such as the Washington Animal Rescue League, provided pet food banks with food before this program started. Pet Food Stamps could help ease the load for the previously established groups as well.

There is no doubt that this new program and its director have a love for animals and will do anything to help. Okon says, “The love of a pet, the therapeutic ability of a pet and things like that are impossible to measure. It gives us a special feeling of pride to be able to help people like that and we’re happy to do it,” according to the Inquistr.



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