The new PS4 has been officially announced to the world

By Steven Mitchell,

Sony announced their new PlayStation 4 last night at their PlayStation event in New York City. One problem is that they didn’t show the actual console.

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While they announced the new system, Sony is keeping the console under wraps for the time being. During the two-hour event, they did, however, release the new DualShoke 4 controller.

According to Splash Gear, Sony CEO Jack Tretton says that the console is still in the development stages.

Sony did release tons of information on what the new console will feature.

The new console can be used as a PC, reports PC Mag. The PS4 will come with USB 3.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Along with HDMI, Analog AV Out and Digital output as well. The Blu-ray feature also stay even with the new core and processor.

The new DualShoke 4 controller combines the “Select” and “Start” button into an “Options” button. The nifty looking LED light on the controller will match the color of your character in the game. The color changes based on the game actions. There is also a “Share” button on the controller. This will allow for gamers to stop the game and allow them to share the gameplay through networks such as Facebook.

There are still many other mysteries to this new system. An official release date as not been announced, but it is assumed that it will be close to the holiday season. The price was also not announced. Word of the PS4 costing $400 has been going around, but it is too early to know for sure since the system is still in development.

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