New York City sees decline in teen pregnancy

By Deana DeLisio,

Within a decade, teen pregnancies have dropped 27 percent in New York City., reported .

According to CBS New York, the Department of Health indicated that the decline in pregnancy was more among younger teens than older teens. This may also be due to recent studies that show that fewer high school students are having sex. In 2001, 51 percent had said they have had sex, and in 2011 only 38 percent confirmed sexual activity. Students responded anonymously.

There has been a 32 percent decline in pregnancies within the 15-17 year-old age group, and a 24 percent decline for 18-19 year-olds, stated the Associated Press.

Officials say that the decline in teen pregnancy is due to the delayed sexual activity and the use of easily available contraceptives. Clinics also provide teens with condoms and the “morning after” pill.

“Teens are delaying having sex, and they’re more likely to use contraceptives,” said Deborah Kaplan, assistant commissioner of the Department of Health’s Bureau of Maternal, and Infant and Reproductive Health.

There have also been more efforts to educate students in middle school and high school about what pregnancy entails.

“They’re more aware of the risk,” Kaplan said.



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