NYPD officer on trial for alleged cannibalism plans

By Deana DeLisio,

A New York City police officer is in federal court this week for allegedly planning to kidnap, cook and eat women.

CNN.com reported that Kathleen Mangan,27, contacted authorities last fall when she became aware that her husband, Gilberto Valle,28, was involved in a bizarre website ring that consisted of this sick fetish.

On Monday, Mangan took the stand against her estranged husband. Trying to fight tears, Mangan told of the many e-mails that she had uncovered. One of which explains how Valle planned on putting a friend in a suitcase, wheel her out of a building and murder her, as stated by the Associated Press.

Another e-mail stated his intentions on raping two women in front of each other to ignite fear, with one woman being roasted over an open fire.

Valle was arrested on Oct. 24 and suspended without pay. He is now being charged with conspiracy to kidnap a woman as authorities attain records of conversations Valle had on the website aforementioned. In addition to this, Valle is being charged with using the federal database to locate one of his victims.

The trial will continue this morning.



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