OB-GYN commits suicide after being accused of videotaping patients

By Deana DeLisio,

On Monday, Dr. Nikita Levy, a gynecologist at Johns Hopkins, committed suicide in his Towson, Maryland home, after being accused of secretly videotaping and photographing his patients.

According to the Washington Post, police had removed nearly 10 image filled hard drives from Levy’s computer. They have not released how many images the hard drives contained. Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi also stated that police found more than one camera in at least one exam room.

Levy, 54, graduated from Cornell University Medical College and has been working at Johns Hopkins’s East Baltimore Medical Center since 1988. He has been married for over twenty years and has two college age children.

“He had one of the biggest have clubs in Baltimore, and he was always very, very busy,” said Deborah Doerfer, who worked with Levy, “People wanted to see him. He had an extensive patient population. He saw some of the patients for many, many years. They trusted him with their most intimate secrets. We hear it all. We were all their trusted confidants.”

Levy was fired from John Hopkins earlier this month when hospital security was alerted on Feb. 4 that Levy was using his own video equipment to tape patients, reports KPLC TV.

John Hokins has started its own investigation, and has made a statement-

“Any invasion of patient privacy is intolerable. Dr. Levy’s behavior violates John Hopkins code of conduct and privacy policies and is against everything for which Johns Hopkins medicine stands for.”



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