Olympian Michael Phelps dating waitress Sarah Herndon

By Sarah McClanahan,

While the pair is not exclusive, Sarah Herndon and Michael Phelps are interested in pursuing each other further.

At the beginning of 2013, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps broke up with his model girlfriend of a year, Megan Rosee, reports The Huffington Post. His reasoning behind the split was he felt the relationship was not going anywhere, and wanted to pursue other options.

He was given that opportunity during a vacation in Cabo San Lucas where, according to Celebuzz, where Michael met the 22-year-old waitress Sarah Herndon in December at a nightclub.

“We danced but we were more just talking,” Herndon revealed of their first meeting. “There was definitely an attraction but nothing really happened that night.”

Phelps and Herndon hung out again and shared their first kiss.

He did not want to part when it was time for him to leave Cabo, so he invited her to the Bahamas where sparks ignited.

“We were holding hands and he was putting his arm around me…he’s really caring and affectionate. He would kiss me in front of his friends. He was treating me like I was his girl,” Sarah gushed.

Although she dished that he is a great kisser, Herndon has a limit to what she will divulge to the media about their relationship.

“What happens between me and Michael intimately is our business,” Sarah told Celebuzz. “I did stay in his room but I’m not going to say that he’s a good lover or anything.”

Despite their whirlwind romance, Phelps and Herndon have agreed to take things slow, especially with his busy schedule and her entering nursing school.

Sarah concluded about their status: “It’s just really casual right now. It was like too soon to talk about being exclusive, but we talked about how we had a great time and how we would see each other soon. Later on, we may become a couple but we’re not going to rush into anything. He’s a great guy.”

Phelps has chosen to shift his focus from competitive swimming to golf for the time being. Premiering on February 25, he will be featured receiving tips to improve his game in the Haney Project on the Golf Channel.



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