'Once Upon A Time' episode recap: 'Tiny'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open in present day Storybrooke. Gold knocked on Mary Margaret's door. Emma answered and told Gold that Henry must come along or she won't go. Gold reluctantly agreed. Then, David asked Gold not to let any harm come to Emma and Henry. Gold asked if it was a threat, David said it was a request as Gold is traveling with his family. Gold then promised not to let anything happen to Emma and Henry.

Shoot to Gold, Emma, and Henry in a car. As they crossed the town line, Emma asked Gold if he remembered who he was. He said, "My name is Rumplestiltskin and we are going to find my son".

Shoot to a giant tearing a tree out of the ground, his face unseen.

Shoot to David, who was about to leave the apartment so he could find Hook to figure out what Cora was planning. He opened the door to find Regina in the hallway. Regina said that she didn't kill Archie (Jiminy Cricket). David and Mary-Margaret then tell her that Archie is alive and that she was framed. When Regina asked who framed her, they tell Regina that her mother, Cora, did. Regina pretended not to understand how Cora made it to Storybrooke and asked to see Henry so that she could protect him. Mary-Margaret and David then told Regina that Henry left town with Emma and Gold. Regina asked why no one told her and Mary-Margaret said that no one knew where Regina was. She then asked Regina since when did Emma have to run things by her? Regina thanked them and left.

Shoot to Mary-Margaret, David, Leroy and Hook going to the dock. Hook led them onto his invisible ship. Leroy asked Hook since he sailed the ship from the Enchanted Forest, could he sail the ship back? Hook said that it would require a portal. Then, David asked if there was anything Cora was going to use. Hook said that Cora's plans require "what's in here," while tapping his hook on an object covered by a curtain. David took the curtain off the object, revealing a cage with Anton (the giant) was sleeping inside.

Shoot to the fairy tale world, in the past. Tiny (Anton in Storybrooke) sat at a table with other giants. Arlo, the presumptive leader of the giants, said that after a century of labor, the bean harvest had finally come. The giants then toasted to the harvest. As he was toasting, Tiny dropped a golden harp. Arlo said that it was bad to associate with humans because humans tried to conquer all, not content with travelling between lands, they conquered and destroyed. He then added that humans couldn’t know that giants still exist. Tiny replied that there was no point in harvesting beans if no one used them. Arlo then said it wasn’t about using the beans, but the labor. Then, another giant messed with the harp and broke it. Tiny then ran away from the table and began to climb down the beanstalk to the human world.

Shoot to present day Storybrooke. David asked why the giant was there. Hook said that he didn’t know, and that they should wake him up and ask him. Mary-Margaret then asked Anton's name. Anton saw David and said, “You". "Me," said David. Anton then tackled David and said that he remembered what he did. Mary-Margaret then shot an arrow near Anton. Anton then said that David would pay for his evil.

Shoot to Belle watching TV. Ruby talked to her, asking, "You don't remember me, do you?" Ruby told Belle her name, and mentioned how Belle always went to the diner. She then gave Belle a copy of Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island, which she said was Belle's favorite book. Belle thanked Ruby and asked if they were really friends. Belle then asked Ruby for the truth and told her that she saw a ball of fire and the man healed him. Ruby lied and said that the tranquilizers caused Belle to think she saw something. Belle said Ruby was wrong but Ruby says "Belle..." Belle then cut her off and said she didn’t understand why everyone kept calling her that. As Belle became very agitated, the nurse came in and sedated her. Then, Greg came in and asked if everything was all right. Ruby replied that everything was fine and asked how Greg was. Greg replied that he was fine. Ruby said good and maybe he could leave their little town soon.

Shoot to Mary-Margaret asking David why Anton said he would make David pay and for what? David said he didn’t know and that was the first time he ever saw Anton.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world, in the past. David's twin, Prince James, was flirting with a girl. King George interrupted and told James of a giant. James said that he thought giants were extinct. King George replied that they could use this giant to their advantage, so they shouldn’t kill it.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. "He thinks you're your brother." said Mary-Margaret. David agreed and asked Leroy to assemble the dwarves.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world, in the past. Tiny (Anton) was looking in the window of the bar. He turned to walk away when he saw James. He talked to James, saying that he was fascinated by humans. He was too big for a human, too small for a giant. A girl happening by had a piece of the caterpillar's magic mushroom from Wonderland and gave it to Tiny, who thanked her for kindness and asked her name. The girl said, "Jacquelyn but, most people call me Jack."

Shoot to Boston's Logan International Airport. Gold had never been outside of Storybrooke, Henry annoyed Gold with questions. Emma told Gold he had to put his scarf in the bin. He refused because he was afraid he would lose his memory. Emma then said she would help him. Gold did it and walked through the metal detector then looked around confusedly.

Shoot to Hook in an alley, Regina appeared. Regina said she and Cora had made amends. She told Hook that she needed her things. “Good news,” Hook said. “The giant escaped.” And with one look at David, Anton turned murderous.

Shoot to Anton walking through Present Day Storybrooke.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world, in the past. A human-sized Tiny entered the bar with Jack and James. Jack said that it sounded like the giants didn’t appreciate him but Tiny said it was good, except for name calling, etc. Jack and James replied that he could be part of their family. Listening to the music, Tiny told them that he had a harp, but he didn't know they made such beautiful music. Tiny then said that humans were good but then he hears an argument. Jack then said that the kingdom was in debt and would be burned if they didn’t pay back the debt, saying that a magic bean would do it, Tiny then said that he had gold. After all, he said, "If I'm going to live here I might as well make sure it's a nice kingdom, not a burned to the ground kingdom." Jack then kissed Tiny on the cheek and said that he was a hero.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Regina went to Anton. "I hear you're in town because you want to kill someone." Then, she gave him a piece of the other side of the mushroom to make him grow larger so he could get revenge on the Prince. He ate it and grew into a giant again as Regina laughed, "Now get to work, as you know that mushroom won't last forever"

Shoot back to Gold and Emma at the airport. "Something wrong?" Emma asked Gold. "Stop asking me that!" yelled Gold. Gold then went to the restroom. He paced in the stall and punched a metal container. His knuckles bled and when he tried to use magic to heal his hand, it didn’t work. Then, Henry called for Gold, saying they were boarding soon.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world, in the past. Tiny was taking gold from his house. Arlo asked where he was, saying that they were worried. Tiny said that he needed to go away. He then told Arlo he had found some friends. Arlo replied that humans wouldn’t accept him but Tiny said that he planned to go and live with humans for good.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Anton was destroying the town. David told him to stop. Anton said that James destroyed everything in his life, and now he'd know how it felt. David then told Anton that James was dead. Mary-Margaret says they we’re all friends and because of Anton, she and Emma were able to return to Storybrooke. Anton said that he’d believe them if Emma said that they we’re all right. Mary-Margaret says that Emma was out of town and Anton found it convenient that everyone he wants to talk to wasn’t there. “All humans do is lie and cheat and kill,” he said, as he began to chase them.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world, in the past. "Humans, kill them." said Arlo. Tiny screamed, "No! They're my friends." He said that Jack and James didn't need to come because he had the treasure. Jack told Tiny that they weren’t there for the treasure, but for the beans. Arlo said that giants were peaceful, but they would fight to defend what was theirs. Jack and James then pulled their swords and ran towards the giants.

Shoot to Leroy, David and Mary-Margaret running away from Anton. David tried to talk to Anton and said that he would surrender himself if Anton would spare everyone else. Anton accepted and a deal was struck. He then ran toward David to crush him and fell through the ground. Anton turned human-sized again, as the power of the mushroom had worn off. He held on to a large pipe so as not fall to his death.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world, in the past. Tiny thought he had ruined everything. Abraham and others fell. Arlo said that the humans had poisoned words and that Tiny must destroy the beans.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Leroy, David and Mary-Margaret threw a rope to Anton. Mary-Margaret and David kissed. David went down with the rope into the hole to save Anton. He told Anton to take his hand. Anton said that he didn’t want to go up and that he should let go because maybe dying was less painful. David said if he believed that, he would have let go already. David convinced him to grab his hand. "You saved my life," Anton told David. "That's what we do," David replied.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world, in the past. The main giant was hit with a sword. He stabbed Jack. James stole the gold. Jack called for James' help but James refused and runs off with his bag of gold. The main giant died, as did Jack. Tiny destroyed the beans. The main giant gave Tiny a small container with a seedling from the stalk to make beans. Just before he died, the main giant told Tiny that perhaps he could grow beans again in a new land. Then, Tiny was sad.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Leroy, Anton, Ruby, Granny were at Granny's Diner. They said it was the perfect place to stay. Anton asked if they ever thought of going home. He also asked how the local land was for farming. Anton showed off the container with the seedling and said they’d be able to grow magic beans again, to go home.

Shoot to Anton finding a field and he said that the beans should grow well there. He then said the problem was Cora and that she must want the beans. The dwarves began digging the soil for Anton to plant. David and Leroy promised that they wouldn’t let Cora get them. Anton got a pick axe and its handle suddenly read "Tiny". David asked why the pick he used didn't get a name when he was working in the mines with the dwarves. "You're not a dwarf," Leroy says.

Shoot to Greg talking to Belle and telling her that he drove the car that hit Hook. Greg said he heard Belle talk about the fire, revealed that he also saw the ball of fire and assure her that she wasn’t crazy.

Shoot to Mary-Margaret and David drinking coffee. David wondered what would have happened to him if he would have been raised by King George. Mary-Margaret said their hearts were different so she knows it would have been fine. She then said it was fun almost being killed and that she missed adventures. Mary-Margaret then said she wasn’t sure about leaving Storybrooke and didn’t know if Emma and Henry would want to go. David replied that he was sure it was safe.

Shoot to Henry, Emma, and Gold seated on the plane. Gold's injured hand was bandaged. He was trying to hide the look of fear of flying on his face. Emma told him that it would be all right because they would find Gold's son.



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