Oscars pay tribute to past Best Picture winners with cool new poster

By Daniel S Levine,

The Academy always finds ways to pay tribute to its past in the weeks leading up to the Oscars and this year is no different. One of the more unique tributes in recent memory though is a new poster paying tribute to all 84 past Best Picture winners.

British artist Olly Moss, who is known around the web for his unique film posters, designed a gallery of posters for each Best Picture winner with Gallery 1988. Each poster dresses or puts the familiar Oscar statuette as a character from each film.

For example, The Artist’s statuette is in black and white and dressed as Jean Dujardin from the film. Platoon’s Oscar is in Willem DaFoe’s iconic pose from the film. Olly Moss went all the way back to Wings, the first Best Picture winner, dressing the Oscar as a World War I pilot.

All 84 statuettes were put together for one large poster.

The Academy also revealed another new poster called the “light Oscar,” inspired by Gjon Mili’s 1949 photos of Pablo Picasso. It features the titles of every nominated film.

The 85th Oscars are on Feb. 24, live on ABC. Seth MacFarlane is hosting.

Hopefully, next year, Olly Moss is called in to add this year's Best Picture winner to the poster.

image: Oscars.com



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