Our favorite actors proved they could dance and sing at the Oscars

By Alexi Knock,

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlize Theron and (kind of, sort of) Russell Crowe proved they could belt it out and get down on the dance floor last night at the 85th Annual Academy Awards.

Seth McFarlane hosted a music-themed Oscars, the first time the awards ceremony had a theme. Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron were the first to assist McFarlane with his introduction at the Dolby Theatre when they came out as a surprise and showed the world their moves. The two gracefully danced on the stage and just as quickly exited without a word.

William Shatner revived his role as Star Trek’s James T. Kirk and traveled from the future to help the first-time Oscar host from making a fool of himself.

Daniel Radcliffe, a seasoned Broadway star, joined Gordon-Levitt in a song and dance number with McFarlane that had women drooling on their HD TV’s due to an overwhelming about of cuteness.

Catherine Zeta-Jones came back for a surprise resurgence of Chicago, performing “All that Jazz” and she was just as sexy as the first time around.

The cast of Les Miserables gave their highly anticipated performance right after Jennifer Hudson belted it out for Dreamgirls. Anne Hathaway was near perfection and Russell Crowe was, well, Russell Crowe.

image: ABC



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