Paramore release 'Now' music video (video)

By April Chieffo,

Paramore’s highly anticipated music video for “Now” finally premiered on Monday.

The band spent the past year and a half putting themselves back together. The end of an era, and a new beginning, came at the end of 2010 when two members, Josh and Zac, quit. Later, Josh aired the band’s dirty laundry, and soon Paramore expressed their feelings about the tumultuous relationship between members in the song "Monster." Now, though, the past is in the past. While before they were trying to send the message that they were still a band, with their return with “Now” and a new self-titled album on the way, they’re back and they’re here to stay. Ultimately the band is trying to send a message of positivity for the future through their new music, more specifically “Now.”

The video for "Now", directed by Daniel Cloud Campos, puts the band in the middle of a battlefield fighting their way to a triumphant victory. After a few blows they do, indeed, come out victorious.

The battlefield, of course, is a representation of the challenges the three members, Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor have endured over the past few years. The embrace that comes by the video’s end, as MTV points out, is a representation of how the only real way to win wars is through forgiveness.

The video is also, in a way, a literal reflection on the lyrics.

Hayley sings, “Lost the battle, win the war/I'm bringing my sinking ship back to the shore/Starting over, head back in. There's a time and a place to die, but this ain't it."

Paramore sat down with MTV for an interview following the video premiere on MTV First: Paramore. They talked about the video, and how it was different from past videos.

“It’s about reaching forward. Moving forward to something more positive,” said lead singer Hayley Williams about the song itself. “We did come from a tumultuous time as a band. We’re really trying to move forward…that’s what this video is about. We were, sort of, on this rebel team fighting for love, and there were these soldiers who don’t know about that. They come from a world where it’s just darkness."

This video is much different from past Paramore videos. It’s not the typical performance type video. The story is a big driving force, so playing characters had them doing their own stunts rather than just playing instruments. It was fun to shoot, Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor explained.

"It was a lot of fun getting to, like, just get dirty and it was like reverting back to when you were kids," Jeremy Davis said. “it was really an awesome experience.”

Added Hayley, “It just felt like we were just playing with cameras there.”

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