Paramore tease 'Now' music video (video)

By April Chieffo,

This Monday, Paramore’s new music video for their new single, “Now” will premiere on MTV.

While fans will have to wait a few more days for the full video, which was directed by Daniel Cloud Campos, the band released a teaser giving just a taste of what to expect.

The tease features lead singer Hayley Williams walking through a battlefield unaffected by the war raging on around her.

Hayley recently tweeted that “Now” is her “fav P-more video, thus far.” In a recent interview with KROQ, the band opened up about the music video. Williams said the video, which has a “post-apocalyptic” theme, was a big departure from the music videos they used to make.

“It’s kinda post-apocalyptic. It’s kinda sci-fi. There were times I felt like Leeloo from The Fifth Element and there were times that it was Resident Evil vibes,” she said. "It was really cool. [It was] very different for us and very active."

MTV announced the video will premiere in its entirety on Monday, February 11 during MTV First: Paramore, airing at 7:23pm on MTV. A brand new interview with the trio will follow.

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