Paramore's Hayley Williams talks about 'Now' music video

By April Chieffo,

Paramore recently released their newest single, “Now. " Following a tumultuous time for the band in 2010, they took two years to rediscover and rebuild the band that they are. The new music reflects that time, as well as the positivity they have moving forward as a trio. The song "Now" is about "reaching forward and claiming victory over whatever is to come."

The music video for the band’s comeback single has already been shot, and frontwoman Hayley Williams, along with the rest of the band, recently talked with KROQ and revealed what fans can expect. Hayley said it is a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic themed video.

Video -

“It’s kinda post-apocalyptic. It’s kinda sci-fi. There were times I felt like Leeloo from The Fifth Element and there were times that it was Resident Evil vibes,” she said.” It was really cool. [It was] very different for us and very active."

The band recently shared a photo from the video, which was directed by Daniel Campos. Though it didn’t reveal much, the photo showed Williams, 24, glaring into the camera.

This week, Hayley tweeted that the video is almost ready to be released.

“Just saw a near-completed version of our video for 'Now.' I'm so psyched on it!, she tweeted.

According to Alter the Press, the video is due out later this month.



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