'Pretty Little Liars' photo hints at future for 'Ezria'

By Meghan Giannotta,

Good news for Pretty Little Liars fans - it seems that "Ezria" isn’t over just yet.

The past few episodes left viewers wondering whether or not the fan-favorite couple was still together. But E! News has released a photo from a future episode of the ABC Family drama in which Aria is playing with Ezra and his son in front of a toy train set.

While this season has not yet given fans much information about Ezra’s son, the released shows that he has long hair and is wearing a conductor’s hat (to go along with his supposed love for trains).

The drama between the beloved couple seems to have been put on pause for this scene, but E! News also reveals that the trouble may not be entirely over.

According to Hollywood Life, the next few episodes will take viewers through Aria's journey of coming to terms with Ezra's situation.

According to the executive producer, Marlene King, fans will be introduced to a whole new world of drama that will unravel as viewers learn more about Ezra and his family.

Last week’s episode touched a bit on the drama fans will get to see between Aria and Ezra’s family. With Ezra away, Aria and his brother, Wes, seem to be getting closer. King also made a comment to E! News regarding whether or not there seems to be a love triangle forming between the three.

“She looks at Wes as he’s sort of a mini-Ezra and he’s Aria’s age and it’s a mirror for her to look at and say ‘Wow, this is what life would be like with somebody my age who doesn’t have a kid.’ and sort of weighs the odds for herself,” King told E! News.

Continue watching ABC Family on Tuesday nights to see how the "Ezra" drama continues to unfold.



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