'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Season 3, Episode 18 'Dead to Me'

By Sarah McClanahan,

On this episode of Pretty Little Liars, Emily conjures up a memory in hypontherapy that is critical to Ali's death. Spencer, still broken over her break-up with Toby, picks the worst time to admit scandalous news to Jason DiLaurentis.

Jason tells the Liars that Ali's remains have been relased to his family, and he invites the girls to a service. The items that were once buried with her are still missing. Spencer wants nothing to do with the memorial, and cannot see why they are treating Ali's bones like "holy relics."

Mona's discussion with Spencer is full of "A-ful" double meanings. As team captain, Mona warns Spencer that she has been off her "A-game" for the upcoming decathalon. Mona says it would be a shame for Toby to drive all that way to see Spencer, and end up cheering for her in the end. Spencer is not amused and does not find this to be a game.

Caleb gets notice that they are planning to tear down his childhood home. Although he is reluctant, he decides to go through items to see which he wants to collect or throw out. Hanna and Caleb are joined by his uncle Jamie.

Hanna questions Jamie about Caleb's relationship with his parents. While his mom and dad loved each other, his dad left because he could not handle the responsibility of being a father. He leaves Hanna with a picture of Caleb at six months. Hanna realizes the man in the photo is not Caleb's dad but, in fact, Uncle Jamie. The picture's edges were creased, which meant he had kept it in his wallet.

Ezra's brother Wesley decides to stay in Ezra's apartment for the weekend while they are fumigating the dorms. He convinces Aria to stop by more often to help him tend the plants, but there is obvious chemistry between the two. She admits to her friends he is cute, but is too eager at using his trust fund.

Miles Corwin, the investigator Spencer had hired to track Toby, has been keeping tabs of his credit card and tells her that he recently bought hydrangeas before skipping town.

Emily returns to the police station to find the picture of Detective Wilden at camp, but it has been removed. Instead, a postcard of the Eiffel Tower which she had left in Ali's casket, has been inscribed by A. It suggests that she stop digging because the police are already aware she is capable of murder.

Emily attempts to convince Spencer to not think the worst of Toby because there might be another explanation for his behavior. Hanna had seen Paige with another girl at a lesbian girl, but she was trying to get information out of her. The mysterious "other woman" works at a costume shop, and Paige was trying to figure out who bought the Queen of Hearts costume around Halloween.

Emily begins therapy with Dr. Sullivan once more because not talking about her stressors has not been working. She refuses to believe she is a hero for defending herself against Nate, and instead refers to herself as a murderer.

Dr. Sullivan recommends hypnotherapy for her. Not only will it find repressed memories, but it will also reframe memories, controlling the way one sees himself. During her first session, Emily traumatically recalls herself killing Ali with a shovel. She runs out of the office in fear, doubting her sanity.

Looking through a box of letters and gifts from Toby, Spencer decides to send Miles $500 of "encouragement" to continue searching for information on Toby.

Miles discovers the "A" key opens up a unit on Mayflower Hill. Spencer notes that like the game of 'he loves me, he loves me not,' this location will reveal whether he still loves her or if she should move on. She is vague, but mentions that it will further show whether he kept her secret.

While walking around town, Wesley hits a man, Mr. Kaplan, over the head with a pizza box. He admits that he was angry Ezra had left the family without taking him. Ever since his departure, he has been trying to escape. However, his mom had always managed to pay off the administration to leave his record pristine. His latest stint at getting kicked out of prep school was to flirt with his physics professor, who happens to be Mr. Kaplan's wife. This was the real reason he was hiding away in Ezra's apartment. Wesley further states that his mom hates Aria because she represents the largest "unexpected" change in her son's life.

Spencer unlocks the space with the "A" key, and finds a nearly empty room with a few matresses stacked against the wall. She immediately starts crying.

Spencer is the last one to arrive to Ali's memorial service. However, she is the bearer of bad news. She blurts out to Jason that Ali might have pregnant with Detective Wilden's child at the time of her death.

As the other Liars leave bewildered and shocked at Spencer's outburst, Emily hears a sprinkler and realizes she did not kill Ali after all. The repressed memory had been from when she saw a blonde girl digging up Ali's grave, despite Emily's pleading for her to stop.

Spencer carves the name "TOBY" into his mother's grave.

How close was Detective Wilden to Ali, and is he guilty of more than just possible impregnation? What was Spencer looking for in Toby's secret space?



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