‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 19 ‘What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted’

By Sarah McClanahan,

In this episode of Pretty Little Liars, Caleb learns a family secret, Spencer attacks Mona, and Aria kisses someone other than her boyfriend!

Emily recalls seeing a blonde girl in a red coat when Ali’s remains were dug up, and Hanna adds that the same girl was across the street at her faux fashion interview. Who is this mysterious being?

Spencer has been voted off the academic decathlon team because the internal tension between her and Mona is distracting.

After Spencer snaps at Mona for attempting to take everything away from her, she notices a message from ‘A’ inside her sunglasses: “You rat out T, I take down 1 of your 3.”

Hanna confirms that Caleb’s “Uncle” Jamie is in fact his father, and he wants a chance to be a part of his son’s life despite his sordid past of serving jail time for petty theft.

At first, Caleb is upset that Hanna got involved in his family drama, and is unsure whether he is ready to get to know his father. In the end, he is grateful she took the initiative and is willing to meet with his dad for coffee.

Further, Jamie will be staying local because Hanna helps him get a construction job with Pastor Ted.

Spencer helps Andrew study for the next decathlon meet inside her house. To win her spot back on the team, she elects for every wrong answer, the speaker take off an article of clothing.

Just when Andrew has stripped to his boxers, Emily arrives with cupcakes and ruins her idea. She is horrified that Spencer is becoming an entirely different person, someone who would be willing to trade sex to get what she wants. Emily acknowledges Spencer is upset over the break-up, but chastises her for thinking she is the only one who has experienced pain.

The photographer that CeCe hired for a project turns out to be a sham, so she asks Aria for a favor to help her out. Aria obliges, and brings Wes as her assistant. CeCe leaves the two alone to run an errand, but complains she will not be returning because her car got towed. This is an obvious lie as she is shown in her car while making the phone call.

Wes lets it slip that he no longer has a place to stay, and Aria invites him to stay at her place. They both realize they cannot sleep without reading a book first. Wes woos Aria by reciting poetry, and the two share a brief kiss.

Spencer’s sister, Melissa, is back home when Wren shows up at the Hastings’s door. Mona sent him because she was ‘concerned’ about Spencer, and recognized the signs of self-destructive behavior having gone through treatment herself.

Spencer convinces Wren to go to dinner with her, but she plans to surprise the decathlon team as they practice the night before their competition. She threatens to post Mona’s files from Radley online, but Mona retorts with a question for Spencer, “Do you still have any friends?” Her calm demeanor leads Spencer to snap and she jumps on her from across the table.

Emily spends time with Jason to uncover more clues, but someone is unhappy with their continuous prowling. They come home to alcohol bottles lined up along his porch.

Jason reveals to Emily that he does not see Mona as his friend, but instead as a link. He believes she knows who dug up Ali’s grave.

Next, the pair finds a picture of Ali on a boat alongside CeCe and Detective Wilden, providing proof that he is biased in the case and that CeCe was lying about not knowing him. Right after they find it, however, the elevator breaks down. Emily is forced to jump down to a lower floor, but the elevator plummets to the ground with Jason still inside. Someone from the NAT Club definitely wants him dead. He is rushed to the hospital and put in a neck brace as the other three Liars arrive. After talking in the hallway for a few minutes, a nurse rushes out to inform them Jason has gone missing.

Spencer appears to be a loose cannon, attacking everyone who gets under her skin. What other crazy antics is she capable of in her vulnerable state? CeCe seems to be caught in a lot of lies throughout the episode. What is her motive? And which Fitz brother do you prefer Aria with?



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