‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 20 ‘Hot Water’

By Sarah McClanahan,

In this episode of Pretty Little Liars, Ezria and Wrencer reunite, and Hanna’s mom runs over Detective Wilden with her car.

The girls have still not heard from Jason since he disappeared from the emergency room.

Aria walks into Ezra’s apartment to find out he has returned. He describes the trip as “surreal” and his son Malcolm as “lively” and “smart.” Ezra explains he didn’t call her because he needed time to himself and didn’t want to drag her into his baby drama. Aria tells him that she wants to be the one to decide what she can and cannot handle. In the end, he agrees and wants her to be a part of every facet of his life. They awkwardly talk around the issue of Wes, with Aria only mentioning he helped her with a photoshoot.

Mrs. Fitz later interrupts Aria in a coffee shop to thank her for convincing Wes to return home and complete his last year at Dillard’s. However, her visits are never without ulterior motives. She gives Aria a backhanded compliment by praising her bravery despite Ezra’s life being turned upside down, with his son to be the new center of attention.

Later, Ezra defends his relationship with Aria in front of his mother. He blames her for being manipulative, and he states he will never apologize for loving her. Mrs. Fitz takes matters into her hands by threatening to sell Maggie’s condo, which she conveniently owns.

Spencer apologizes to Wren for using him to get back at Mona, but he claims he was not completely innocent, either. He thought he stood a chance with her with Toby out of the picture. When she admits she feels they are good together, he invites her to dinner. They have a lovely meal, and end the date with a passionate kiss despite Spencer’s initial pause. A brief flash shows a woman in a red coat watching the couple from across the street.

Melissa Hastings acts shady, implicitly warning her that Wren is bad company to keep.

Spencer takes a steamy shower that turns ugly. Someone blocks the handle and makes the heater malfunction so she is literally burning up at over 100 degrees inside the bathroom. Luckily, Aria rescues her at the last minute, and she crumples to the floor in a sweaty mess.

Emily and Hanna catch Paige in a lie. She says she is going home, but they see on her GPS she is headed to Rosewood’s Costume Shop and invite themselves to tag along much to Paige’s chagrin. The girls are following up on who ordered the Queen of Hearts costume that attempted to strangle Spencer and may have killed Garrett on the Halloween train. Inside the shop, Hanna and Paige create a distraction so the worker, Shana, leaves the computer. Meanwhile, Emily finds the Queen of Hearts purchasing information and sends it to herself in an e-mail.

Emily is upset that Paige hid she dated Shana over the summer, but Paige claims Shana means nothing to her- she was only a substitute until she could be with her.

Emily visits CeCe, noticing that she is packing to leave somewhere. CeCe is fuming that the girls couldn’t keep quiet about Wilden’s involvement because now she has to skip town. Before she departs, she reveals to Emily that she thought Wilden got Ali pregnant and killed her, but she obviously wouldn’t tell the biased police force. Additionally, she tells her that Melissa was searching for videos the night Ali vanished, and she was the one who took the picture of the three of them on Wilden’s boat.

Hanna sees Wilden push CeCe into his car, and she warns her mom Ashley that he and Ali might have had a secret relationship. Ashley warns her against spreading rumors, but is seemingly startled.

Wilden goes over to Ashley’s table, offering her wine to convince her to keep Hanna quiet about the “lie” that could ruin him in such a small town. She denies their friendship, claiming whatever they had to be “ancient history” and leaves without accepting their gift. He follows her by car, eventually pulling her over for drunk driving. She is appalled, especially because he knows she did not even have a sip of alcohol. He threatens to reveal her secrets, information that would make her lose much more than her boyfriend. “You shut Hanna up or I will,” he warns. Ashley is heated, and with Wilden not moving out of her way, she plows him down and continues driving.

When Hanna and her mom return to the scene of the crime, Wilden’s squad car is still there but his body is gone.



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