'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Season 3, Episode 21 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind'

By Sarah McClanahan,

On this episode of Pretty Little Liars, Aria is careless around Ezra's son, Hanna and her mom attempt to hide the hit and run accident, and Spencer's sanity is questioned after the supposed death of an ex-boyfriend.

As the episode opens, Spencer says she can no longer keep the identity of the person helping Mona a secret, revealing A's identity as Toby to the three Liars. She starts to wonder whether their entire relationship was a lie and believes he was the one who tried to kill her by locking her in the steam room.

Emily doesn't want to believe Toby, the friend who she told everything to and who gave her the courage to come out, would be capable of hurting her or her friends. She leaves him a voicemail, and visits his house, but is unable to locate him. Spencer notes that he probably doesn't want to be found, so she should stop searching. Emily's mom agrees, adding that she never fully trusted him. A co-worker says he hasn't seen Toby for weeks after he left because of an "emergency."

Hanna doesn't want her mom, Ashley, telling the police or her lawyer about the hit and run accident involving Detective Wilden, and Hanna agrees to keep quiet about the incident around her friends as well.

Hanna and Ashley are both spooked throughout the episode. Ashley thinks she sees Wilden across the street, and almost gets run over by a car. Hanna hears sirens everywhere, and eventually finds Wilden's cop car strategically placed in her garage. If that weren't creepy enough, the red lights are flashing and a tape replaying her mother's hit and run are on a loop inside the car. Feeling like they have exhausted their options, Aria helps Hanna sink the car into the river before her mother finds out what happened.

Aria unexpectedly brings Ezra coffee, but is met with a surprise herself when she opens the door to find Malcolm, Ezra's son. After Ezra's mother took away Maggie's home, she has been attempting to find a job in Rosewood so she can relocate, and bring Malcolm with her. Aria is disappointed because that means Maggie will be a bigger part of his life, and she is confused as to where she and Ezra will stand. Her mother, Ella, warns her that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Aria plays with train sets with Malcolm until Maggie walks in. Immediately, Aria apologizes, but Maggie reassures her that she is not upset with her, and after seeing Ezra bond with Malcolm, she wishes she had told him about their son sooner.

Aria agrees to babysit Malcolm, but eventually regrets that decision when she turns her back for a minute to give Spencer a call. In the meantime, Malcolm falls from the bed and cuts his chin badly, an injury that requires stitches. Ezra says he is not upset with Aria, but then scolds her for neglecting him in lieu of a petty phone call. In the end, they both admit they do not know the first thing about parenting.

Someone delivers a "Deepest Sympathy" wreath to Spencer's doorstep with a note: "Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips." After noticing that the "E" and "M" are the only letters which are dull on the gift, she rushes over to warn Emily that she may not be safe.

Spencer confronts Mona, believing she was the one who sent the wreath of orchids. Mona feigns ignorance, claiming she has no idea what Spencer is talking about. However, Mona suspiciously advises to keep the flowers in direct sunlight or they won't make it through the night.

Later, she follows Mona out of a coffee shop and into the woods to see what mischief she is up to, but is shocked at what she comes across. She finds what is supposedly Toby's dead body, based on his "Free at Last" tattoo. Someone shouts "He's dead" from within the woods, and Spencer chases after the voice.

Eventually Toby reaches out to Emily via text and agrees to meet her, knowing she has been searching for him. However, she shows up at the warehouse where they are supposed to interact and Toby is nowhere to be found. Back at her car, someone has broken the glass out of her window and left her with a note: "Toby is no more."

The next time Spencer is on screen, she is being taken for a psych evaluation because she has lost all sense of reality. Her body is pale, and her eyes are glazed over.

Do you think Toby is dead? And who is this mysterious co-worker who happened to know Emily's name? Does he know more than he is letting on? What happened to Spencer in the woods? Is she heading down the same deranged path as Mona?



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