'Pretty Little Liars': Season 3, Episode 19 - Top 10 Moments!

By Kristin Ambrosino,

Scared of elevators yet? In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 19: “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?"), Aria has no shame seeing what the other Fitz kisses like, Spencer wishes Mona luck at the debate in a "different" kind of way, and it looks like Caleb's dad's time he spent in jail for theft didn't do him so well.

10. Not that we're complaining that the beautiful Brit is back, but why was Wren "checking" in on Spencer? Is he working with Mona and the A-team? We've suspected this lovely face for a while now since he did work at Radley and was constantly around Mona. Maybe she dragged him on the A-team too? We wonder what Wren got out of his little visit and date with Spencer. Weird.

9. Oh CeCe. What would her motive for lying to Aria about her car being towed? Did she have some A business to take care of or did she want Wes and Aria to hook up? What was she and Melissa talking about in Jason's flashback? Sketchy CeCe, sketchy. You're on our rAdar now.

8. Did Aria know she was kissing the wrong Fitz? Is she impressed by his rapping skills? Poor Ezra, we hope Team Wesria doesn't move in on Team Ezria. Were still a little sketched out by Wes. Is he working with him mom to break up team Team Ezria? Maybe Aria thinks that two Fitz' is better than one. Be careful Aria!


7. Well, never kick Spencer off any team, otherwise she will lunge at you and choke you to death. I mean, not to say we all weren't happy it was Mona she was choking.

6. Spence is on the rebound from Toby it seems like. From playing a hot strip tease game with Andrew, to making moves with Wren, she is clearly on her way to getting over her betraying ex.

5. Spencer gets a threatening message from "A" on her sunglasses. Looks like the same type of sunglasses Jenna used to wear. Hm, we got our eyes on you, Jenna.

4. Seems like Caleb's DAD hasn't changed much since his jail time. Looks like he was stealing money from the church's collection box. Looks like Hanna's meddling had a little bit of a downside. Poor Han, she was just trying to help Caleb!

3. Looks like Detective Wilden was pretty buddy-buddy with Ali and CeCe in Cape May by that picture Jason showed Emily. Hm, are they all working together? Why did CeCe lie that she didn't know who the "beach-blonde" hottie was? Is she protecting Detective Wilden, or is she protecting herself?


2. Poor Jason! He took quite a fall in that elevator. Did the text Emily got from "A" about Jason needing those whiskey bottles have to do with the fact that she got out of the elevator and he didn't? Is someone from the NAT club trying to get rid of Jason? But, who? I thought they were all dead. Right?

image: ABCmedianet.com

1. Jason ends up in the hospital and looks like he got hurt pretty bad. But, where did he disappear to at the end of the episode? Did "A" kidnap him or did he voluntarily leave? Looks like someone wanted him to plummet to his death.



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