Rapper Mac Miller attempts to end Twitter feud with Donald Trump

By Lena Finkel,

After a war of words with business mogul Donald Trump, rapper Mac Miller has tried to be the bigger man and call a truce.

@MacMiller is LIVE! Watch his @MTV performance in #Chicago he... on Twitpic

The problem began back in 2011, when Miller’s hit song “Donald Trump” went viral, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported. Trump originally took the song in stride and called Miller “the next Eminem,” to which Miller excitedly responded with a YouTube video, expressing his gratitude that Trump even knew who he was.

However, the two have quickly changed their tunes and what started out as friendly exchanges has become an angry tweeting war. According to Fuse, the rapper provoked Trump, calling him a “dick.”

Unsurprisingly, the billionaire responded by tweeting, “I’m going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits and finance. You ungrateful dog!”

Miller, who signed with Rostrum Records back in 2010, has decide to put an end to this nonsense, however, and tweeted back, “I’m not trying to put any negative energy into the world. @realDonaldTrump let’s be friends.”

The song originally appeared on Miller’s Best Day Ever mix-tape, according to MTV News.

Image: Twitpic



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