Reese Witherspoon tells Chelsea Handler she is only famous 'because of her' (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Reese Witherspoon made a hilarious appearance on After Lately where the Water for Elephants actress informed the Chelsea Lately host that she is only famous because of her.

Us Weekly reports that Witherspoon’s appearance on the E! series will air Feb. 25. The clip shows Handler showing Witherspoon around backstage where all the madness for Chelsea Lately goes down.

Witherspoon begins her visit be gifting Handler homemade gifts from her two children, Ava and Deacon, before engaging in a series of all too personal questions.

Mind you, the series is scripted.

Witherspoon quizzes Handler, “You must be making a lot of money now, right? But then again, you are childless, so that saves a lot of money, right?"

"So, how much money do you make?" she presses. "Like a year? Like last year?"

Handler, obviously uncomfortable, attempts to change the subject. Witherspoon is not happy by her inability to give answers and flies off the handle.

“Okay, you know what? This is not friendship…Friendship is about talking and sharing, and you continually do this. You know, you didn't have this life before you met me. It's kind of like you could break your life into two parts: Before Reese, B.R., After Reese, A.R. And this office is definitely, like, After Reese, A.R., okay? Not like I'm comparing myself to Jesus or anything."

Following her hilarious appearance on After Lately Witherspoon will take on roles in Wish List, Big Eyes and can be seen in Devils Knot alongside Colin Firth next year.



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