Rick Ross hires 24/7 security following drive-by shooting

By Elizabeth O'Laughlin,

Rick Ross is back in the studio and has employed a heightened security team after being targeted by a drive-by shooting last week.

According to Digital Spy, the rapper allegedly hired an armed security team to be by his side 24/7 and protect him from any potential threats in the future.

Although Ross already had armed security guards at concerts and public events, he wants to take the extra measure to stay protected in everyday life.

Ross has been deemed “very lucky” to have avoided the open fire. After being shot at from another vehicle, Ross lost control of the Rolls Royce he was driving and crashed it into a Ft. Lauderdale building.

TMZ reported Ross had been receiving threats for some time before the shooting, but had disregarded them. TMZ also reported that Ross considers the occurrence an “eye-opener” and will take whatever precautionary measures necessary to stay safe.

ABC reported that Ross did not sustain any major injuries, and is back in the studio working on new recordings.



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