Rihanna and Kate Moss pose nude for V Magazine and famed photographer Mario Testino (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Rihanna and iconic model Kate Moss teamed up for an S&M-themed photo shoot shot by famed photographer Mario Testino for V Magazine.

In a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, the Barbados-born singer and the fashion icon get extremely close while they pose for Testino.

Rihanna even talked about how the shoot came about, explain gin ‘"Kate overheard us talking and she said, 'I want to do it with you!' Again, I was like, 'Are you f***ing kidding me?' I was dying on the inside. All my fantasies were coming true: Mario, V, Kate Moss,” Billboard reports.

At one point, they even posed nude together. Rihanna, never one to be shy, told the magazine about that part of the shoot “Take her top off and put that b**ch on my lap!”

Extra TV reports that she even called the one where the two are naked the “best shot.”

As for Moss’ thoughts on how it went, she said she would work with Chris Brown’s girlfriend again “in a heartbeat.”

Speaking of Brown, Rihanna said about him in the magazine,"I don't read it any more. I already have too many voices in my head right now! I don't have room for that other stuff. If I let that other stuff in, it'll take the space of productive shit, and that isn't good."

image: V Magazine



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