Rihanna receives pot instead of roses for Valentine's Day

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Who needs a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses when you can get a significant amount of marijuana that you shape in the form of a pot leaf?

While many lucky ladies were taking to Facebook and Twitter to show off their roses and chocolates from their Valentines, Rihanna took to Instagram where she shared off her abundance of pot.

“Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy,” she captioned the photo. According to TMZ, the “Diamonds” singer doesn’t reveal who gifted her the “green,” but notes that Chris Brown, her on again beau, has a card which allows him to purchase marijuana in the state of California, but notes it is illegal to purchase the pot and give it to someone else.

Rihanna has long been open about her use of marijuana, frequently taking to Twitter to comment about it. Last year she performed at Coachella rolling blunts in the crowd and smoking during her performance.



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