Rihanna releases simple, emotional 'Stay' music video

By April Chieffo,

The new music video for Rihanna’s latest single, “Stay,” premiered Monday.

Credit: Eric McCandless/CBS

The video, directed by Sophie Muller, is simple and somber, yet emotional video. the 24-year-old is nude in a bathtub and full of sadness as she tries to fight her emotions.

"The video was really, really simple. I pretty much stayed put in a bathtub, and we shot it really tight, really close," she told E! News on the Grammy red carpet on Sunday.

Mikky Ekko, who sings with Rihanna on the track, is also in the video in separate scenes.

“He's actually the one who wrote the song, " she added. "I kinda just fell in love with it so much and in love with the tone of his voice and we wanna keep him a part of it.”

The video tells a story through few words and actions. This video doesn’t really need literal interpretations of the lyrics since the sadness and a sense of loss is read on Rihanna’s face.

According to MTV News, Rihanna released two versions of the "Stay" video. Along with the official music video, Rihanna released an uncut version without Ekko.



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