Rob Zombie visits Philadelphia for movie research

By Steven Mitchell,

Singer and horror director Rob Zombie is moving forward with his movie centered around the Broad Street Bullies.

Zombie was in attendance at last night’s Philadelphia Flyers and Tampa Bay Lightening hockey game. He was there to gather more research on the historic group of Flyers players, called the Broad Street Bullies, who led them to two Stanly Cup wins in 1974 and 1975, reports Phillyburbs.com.

“It’s the greatest sports story ever not told," Zombie said. “It’s been told other ways, but not film. I had to do it. It reads like fiction. It’s so incredible.’’

Zombie was able to chat with Bullies Bernie Parent, Bob Kelly and Gary Dornhoefer. The three joked about who would play who in the movie. Parent suggested Danny DeVito for Kelly. Dornhoefer suggested Moses for Parent.

Zombie is said to include the fans in this movie and sees it having a Rocky and Boogie Nights feel to it says Philly.com. He feels much of what can be in the movie has to be told from former players and the fans - things that you wouldn’t normally find in a book or TV program.

"A lot of the fan portions of the movie would revolve around (West Collingswood Heights, NJ bar and restaurant) Rexy's because that was the hang out,” Zombie said. “There's a lot of fan stuff because when you go back and watch the footage, there's a lot of outrageous looking fans.”

A script is in the works and Zombie is planning a fall production start in Philadelphia. He also plans to recreate the once standing Spectrum arena. The movie is untitled at this time.



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