Robin Roberts returns to ‘Good Morning America’

By Catherine Silver,

On Wednesday morning, February 20th, Robin Roberts made her first debut as a Good Morning America co-host since recovering from a bone-marrow transplant five months ago.

USA Today reports that Roberts began the Wednesday morning broadcast by stating, “I have been waiting 174 days to say this: ‘Good Morning America.’”

Her return to GMA was treated like a celebration, complete with a red velvet cake from Buddy Valastro and a personal message from President Obama and wife Michelle. Roberts, looking healthy, was overjoyed to return to her position as co-anchor, and also received welcoming messages from her siblings, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Kobe Bryant.

All of Roberts' coworkers seemed genuinely happy to see her back at work, and her inspiring story served as the focus of the show.

USA Today notes that Roberts, who wore a bracelet with the words “light, love, power, and presence,” shared during clips of her recovery process that, “When you go through something like this you can be either fearful or fearless and I chose to be the latter.”

The New York Daily News reports that Robin’s doctors would be quick to step in if she struggles during her hectic schedule this week. She is interviewing Michelle Obama on Friday and then traveling to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards.

The mood on the Good Morning America set was delightful on Wednesday morning, but Robin ultimately strives for the day when she can simply report on other people once more, and not worry about her health taking the main focus.



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