Royal Watch: Bikini Clad Duchess Draws Attention

By Samantha Reba,

It seems that no one is safe from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, especially Duchess Kate while on vacation. Photographs are surfacing on the internet of the Duke and Duchess frolicking on the beach during their vacation on the island of Mustique.

The pictures of the Duchess in a bikini are going to be published in Chi, which was the same magazine that was responsible for previously posting topless photos of Kate while she was vacationing in France, revealed People.

Some close to the royal couple feel that the printed photographs are an invasion of the couple's privacy, as they try to enjoy their carribbean vacation. But others are seeing this as an opportunity, especially Chi magazine, who see it as a chance to show off the baby belly that the Duchess is now sporting, revealed Fox6.

This will be the first photo to draw the public's eye to Middleton’s exposed stomach. Middleton, since the announcement of the pregnancy, has kept a low profile up until this point.

Let’s just hope that no legal action will be taken against the magazine, because who would want to disrupt what could be the last vacation for the pair before the baby comes?



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