Rumors of The Hulk being included in Marvels "Phase Three"

By Steven Mitchell,

The Incredible Hulk could be getting his own movie again in the third phase of the Marvel universe.

With “Phase Two” about to kick off in May with Iron Man 3 we are just starting to hear rumors on “Phase Three”. According to ComingSoon.net the ending of The Avengers 2 will have the Hulk lost in space which could set him up for his solo act in Planet Hulk.

The Planet Hulk storyline was created by Greg Pak in 2006. A “secret order” called The Illuminati (consisting of Iron Man, Namor, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt and Professor X) decide that the Hulk is too dangerous for planet Earth. After his shuttle, which was supposed to land on a peaceful planet, crashes on the violent planet Sakaar the Hulk helps take over the emperor and is crowned the new ruler.

“Phase Three” is set to begin November 6, 2015 with Ant Man and a Doctor Strange movie also is also being rumored. The Hulk could make his return on planet Earth for The Avengers 3.

The upcoming “Phase Two” also includes Thor: The Dark World on November 8, Captain America: The Winter Solider on April 4, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1 and then ending with The Avengers 2 on May 15.



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