Rupert Grint stars in new CBS TV series

By Elizabeth O'Laughlin,

Rupert Grint, star of the Harry Potter franchise, landed another starring role in CBS’s new single-camera comedy Super Clyde. This is his biggest role since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the comedy centers on an ordinary fast-food worker named Clyde (Grint) who wishes he was a superhero. One day, he finds out that he has inherited a huge sum of money from his dead uncle and decides to use the money as his secret “super power” to help others and anonymously reward good deeds. Grint’s character is described as timid and sweet but a little phobic.

While Grint has been busy since Harry Potter wrapped up, this will be his first major appearance in a lead role. Later this year he is slated to appear in CBGB and The Drummer, both still in pre-production.

According to MTV Super Clyde is the latest project from Greg Garcia, creator of Raising Hope. He is both writer and executive producer on the project. If filming moves forward, Clyde will be Grint’s first recurring role in a television series.



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