'Safe Haven' review

By Briana Luca,

It’s February and that usually means one thing: there is a new Nicholas Sparks movie in theaters for women to drag their boyfriends and husbands too.

This year that book to film adaptation is Safe Haven which was released on Valentines Day and directed by Lasse Hallstrom.

Safe Haven follows the story of Erin as she escapes an abusive husband; she changes her hair color, gets on a bus, and travels down the eastern seaboard without looking back.

Erin is now known as Katie and settles down in the North Carolina town of Southport. There she makes a new life for herself with a new friend Jo and an admirer, Alex.

Julianne Hough tackles the role of Katie and does a phenomenal job. Her acting abilities have grown since her first film roles; she is no longer just “the girl from Dancing With the Stars” or Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend. Hough has made a name for herself in Hollywood with this complex role.

Josh Duhamel plays the loving, handsome father Alex who is trying to handle life as a single parent after his wife passes away from cancer.

The journey that Alex is taking with his two children, Josh and Lexie, is heartfelt and you can’t help but shed a tear when little Josh cries that he misses his mother.

The film was one of the best Nicholas Sparks movies in a while. The writing was fantastic and you felt as if this were a real story. It didn’t feel forced or fake, which is the feeling you can often get from Sparks’ movies.

While watching, you are constantly reminded that while Katie is feeling safe in Southport, her husband, Kevin, is looking for her and won’t be stopped till he finds her.

The entire film is a build up to the intense climax scene. You won’t be able to resist gasping, crying, and feeling a sense of movie anxiety during the overpowering fall out.

This isn’t just a sweet, romantic drama where Katie and Alex fall in love and fix each others’ broken hearts. It’s a story about abuse, pain, and the loss of a mother. There are so many complex plots within this two hour film and that’s why it’s so enjoyable to watch.

Safe Haven is one of Nicholas Sparks best movies and it’s sure to be a film that people watch forever.



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