Sam Mendes has 75% chance to direct the new James Bond movie

By Xingye Li,

With Skyfall becoming the top-grossing movie in the James Bond franchise, the director Sam Mendes is likely to direct the next movie as well.

According to Cinema blend, one source revealed to Daily Mail that the possibility for Sam Mendes to direct another James Bond movie is “75 percent."

The temporary title will be James Bond 24. There were rumors that the movie will be divided into two parts, but it is confirmed that there will be two individual movies.

For the characters, it is assumed that Daniel Craig will be back as 007, and Ralph Finnes will be the new M, since M (Judi Dench) died in Skyfall. Naomie Harris will be the sexy Miss Moneypenny and Ben Whishaw continues to be Q, reported Yahoo.

Sam Mendes, as a director, only directed six movies, all of which are successful. His American Beauty in 1999 won five Oscars and Road to Perdition in 2002 won one Oscar.

Before directing the new James Bond, he will work on stage directing Shakespeare’s King Lear and the musical adaptation of Charlie And the Chocolate Factory.



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