Seaside Heights, made famous by 'Jersey Shore,' has started renovations after Hurricane Sandy

By Stephanie Kaplan,
The Jersey beach town made famous by MTV's reality show has begun rebuilding

After Hurricane Sandy turned the area of Seaside Heights upside down, workers have begun rebuilding the boardwalk of the famous town. While multiple parts of New Jersey had devastating damage, Seaside Heights was among the most severely hit.

USA Today has just reported that the reconstruction of the town has officially begun with “the first piling of a new boardwalk.”

The town had a mini celebration commemorating the moment, with scores of people coming to watch the first steps towards rebuilding. It was also reported that bagpipes played “Amazing Grace” as the crowd cheered the workers on.

The New York Post reports that Mayor William Akers attended the event and said, “It's a huge day for us, a new beginning for the town. It's the culmination of a lot of hard work, starting with the rescues, the cleanup, the planning, culminating in the actual rebuilding of Seaside Heights."

While the beach town had always been a tourist hotspot, the area was made famous worldwide due to MTV's reality show Jersey Shore. Seaside was home to the house where the eight young adults spent the summer partying and working. While the actual house did not receive critical damage, the store where the stars worked received severe water damage.

Seaside Heights real estate agent Michael Loundy said people are eager to get back to the beach and see the area restored. He mentioned, "Our phones are ringing. People want to know: 'Is the town open? Will you be ready? Will the beach be ready?' We absolutely will be ready."

There is no official word on when the area will be open to the public.




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