Selena Gomez ambushed by sweatshop protestors at Adidas NEO fashion show

By Camille Requiestas,

Selena Gomez was reportedly ambushed by sweatshop protestors Wednesday night during an Adidas NEO fashion show in New York.

Gomez, as well as teen fashion bloggers were said to have helped decide what looks would walk the runway during New York Fashion Week, according to OMG Yahoo! . She was seated in the front row of the fashion show when a woman approached her and gave her a flyer.

The woman was said to have pleaded with Gomez to “be an ambassador for children, and not for sweatshops.” US Weekly claims the 20-year-old actress was shocked as authorities escorted the woman away.

The woman was reported to be a part of a group called United Students Against Sweatshops in which they accuse Adidas of refusing to pay thousands of workers in Indonesia who now cannot afford to pay for their children’s school.

“We’re here to tell Selena Gomez that she should cut ties with Adidas because Adidas has refused to pay severance to 2,800 garment workers who sewed its apparel for over 10 years,” said Claire Lewis, a 22-year-old member.

As for Adidas, there was no comment made in response to these allegations.



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