Selena Gomez lets fans in her car at LAX

By Vanessa Frith,

Selena Gomez is being criticized on her decision to let three unknown fans enter her car on Friday at LAX.

TMZ, who obtained a video of the incident, reports that after getting into a waiting vehicle at LAX, Gomez then motioned for three waiting fans to join her in the car.

Gomez’s security moved to stop the girls but Gomez apparently persuaded them not to and the car drove away with the fans inside.

According to TMZ, Gomez’s publicist stated that the fans were let into the car because Gomez wanted to give them an autograph.

Ladi Anne, one of the girls involved, later posted a photo on her Instagram account, stating,
“SELENA GOMEZ IS THE MOST AMAZING GIRL EVER! She just took me and my 2 Brazilian friends to a car ride at the airport!!!! Omg , now I love you to death.”

However, TMZ and the Inquisitr both deride Gomez’s decision, stating the dangerous position it could have put her in considering she has reportedly received death threats and had to deal with a stalker.



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