Seth MacFarlane says 'no way' to ever hosting The Oscars again

By Steven Mitchell,

It seems as though the critics may have won this time with Seth MacFarlane retiring from Oscars hosting duties.

Seth was amazing RT @SethMacFarlane Performance hallucinating... on Twitpic

According to Rolling Stone, the first time Oscars host enjoyed his time on stage, but would never want to do it again. In reply to a Twitter comment from a fan MacFarlane gave us his view.

“No way,” Macfarlane tweeted. “Lotta fun to have done it, though."

MacFarlane did numerous amounts of interviews leading up to the big night. In an interview with The Associated Press before the event, the main guy behind Family Guy and American Dad! And his hosting duties took a toll on him.

"I just don't like working 150 hours a week. I do like to have some sort of recharge time,” MacFarlane said. “I think it makes everything better. If you're working around the clock, the work starts to suffer. And it hasn't thus far, but I'm glad [the Oscars are] in a week and a half because I'm getting close to the point where I can't do six jobs at the same time."

The Oscars ratings were up 11 percent with around 40.3 million people watching, reports Fox News. It is a 1 million-viewer jump from last year and the first time the show topped 40 million since 2010. A total of 8.9 million tweets went out during the show and the red carpet arrivals.

While many may have found MacFarlane’s jokes humorous and funny the critics thought otherwise. Many have been calling his hosting inappropriate and sexist. MacFarlane’s song and dance “We Saw Your Boobs” may have fueled that.

The motion picture academy let MacFarlane have free range with his jokes. MacFarlane may have known this would be his only time hosting the awards ceremony, and that could have allowed him to not hold anything back.

Was it the amount of work MacFarlane had on his plate leading up to the Oscars or is it the critics complaining that has him never wanting to host again?



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