Skeletal remains belong to Richard III

By Deana DeLisio,

Scientific evidence has confirmed that the skeletal remains found in a parking lot last September belong to Richard III, who was said to have died in battle in 1485. For 500 years historians have been unsure of the final resting place of Richard III, who was said to be the last king to die in battle. The remains were found in England.

According to the NY Times, the skeleton attains wounds that supports the theory that Richard III had died in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. The bodied had ten wounds, eight of them in the skull, some of which could have caused death. The possible weapon could have been a halberd, which is a medieval weapon.

William Shakespeare, who had made Richard III famous through a history play, described the king as a “monstrous tyrant” who had murdered his nephews in the Tower of London to win the throne, as stated in Reuters.

Samples of DNA were taken from modern-day descendents of Richard’s family and two other sources who have been deceased. One of these sources was the son of a 16th generation niece of King Richard’s, Michael Ibsen.

At first, archaeologists were searching for the remains with a ground penetrating radar underneath a 19th century bank, where they had assumed the remains were. They later discovered that the remains were across the street in a parking lot.

The remains were uncovered after only a few short days of digging.



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