Skeleton found under parking lot may be Richard III

By Deana DeLisio,

DNA test results may finally shed some light on remains found buried beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England last August, that are speculated to belong to Richard III.

British scientists will announce Monday whether the remains recovered in fact belong to Richard III of England, CNN reported.

Richard III died bravely in battle in 1485 after reigning for only two years. He left behind the legacy of being the “evil” king who ordered his own nephews dead in order to steal the throne.

Shakespeare and others have described Richard III as a hunchback. Appropriately, the skeleton found shows signs of scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.

In addition, the skeleton shows that there was a severe blow to the skull along with an arrowhead lodged deep into the skeleton’s vertebrae, indicating the kind of violent death often attributed to the long-lost king.

More supporting evidence includes the location where the bones were found. They were dug up in a spot where the choir area of a church once stood — a space reserved for the burial of members of higher social standing and where Richard III was said to have been laid to rest.

Professor Mark Horton of Bristol University is skeptical of the finding, reported UPI.com.

“Even if the DNA survives, it is not the panacea most people assume. There is a high rate of illegitimacy over the generations — there were a lot of milkmen in the past,” said Horton, “If they do get all their ducks to line up, if they really have found enough scientific evidence to prove that it’s Richard, it would certainly be of great interest.”



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