The Steven Tyler Act bans paparazzi in Hawaii

By Steven Mitchell,
Pesky photographers could be finding themselves back on the mainland

Rocker Steven Tyler is doing his best to get a law passed which would make paparazzi illegal in the state of Hawaii.

Steven Tyler to be on Access Hollywood show airing NOW on Twitpic

The Aerosmith singer, along with Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood, testified in front Hawaii’s state Senate Judiciary Committee, before the Committee eventually approved the act, reports E!.

What’s being called as The Steven Tyler Act, or SB465, would widen what constitutes the meaning of privacy and make it easier for celebrities to file law suits against the paparazzi.

“When I'm in my own home," he added, "and I'm taking a shower or changing clothes or eating or spending Christmas with my children, and I see paparazzi a mile away, shooting at me with lenses this long, and then seeing that very picture in People magazine, you know, it hurts ... That's what they do, they are just constantly taking from us."

According to The New York Daily News, fellow celebrities Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne, along with others, testified their support for the bill. The bill would include a person using advanced equipment to record or snap photos of celebrities on their private properties.

“The islands shouldn’t represent this to people coming here,” Fleetwood said.

People opposed to the bill say that it's too vague against First Amendment rights. If The Steven Tyler Act is passed by a complete legislation it can go into effect as early as July 1.

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