‘Suits’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 16 – ‘War’

By Alyssa DeSocio,

To file or not to file was the question on everyone’s mind in this episode of Suits.

At an office party, Harvey walks up to Jessica and she offers him a glass of champagne just as Edward steps in causing Harvey to depart. Mike approaches Rachel and tells her she seems different. Rachel leaves as Harvey steps in. Mike gives him the papers he has been waiting for from the case.

Louis is trying to get the bartender's attention for a drink as an English man named Nigel interrupts. They get into an altercation and Louis threatens him.

Harvey hands Edward a lawsuit about his client. Edward says he is going to defeat Harvey in open court so he suggests a wager. If Edward loses they cancel the merger.

Jessica and Harvey stand outside the party as she tells him she showed Edward her books in order to gain his trust. Harvey gets angry and tells her about the wager. Jessica gives her terms. If Harvey wins, he stays but his name does not go up on the door because of how much trouble he has been causing.

The following day, Harvey exits the building to see Scottie waiting outside. When she offers him a ride, he tells her he prefers to walk because of how he got stabbed in the back by her since she knew about the merger before him. He tells Scottie he won’t hold anything against her when he wins.

Mike brings Rachel coffee. She admits to him that she didn’t get into Harvard because Louis and the interviewer had a bad history. Rachel wants to know about the day Mike got into Harvard. He doesn’t know what to say since he never actually attended.

Louis walks out of his office to see Nigel kissing Donna’s hand and saying his goodbyes as he waits by the elevator. When Nigel tells Louis he spent time with Donna in her cubical, he gets jealous and rushes over to Donna. After Donna tells him Nigel was reaching in to see the efficiency list, they realize it was all a test. Donna makes sure Louis pulls it together and wins.

Edward threatens to freeze Harvey’s assets and gives him a head start.

Louis finds Nigel in the restroom and demands a competition on the efficiency list.

Rachel gives Mike a letter to Harvard that was written by her but from him. It states that she was denied on bad terms. He says he can’t sign it but is willing to help her.

When Louis walks into his office he finds Mike waiting for him. Mike tells him he knows about what Louis did to Rachel to get her denied from Harvard. Louis tells Mike the real reason she didn’t get in was because she wasn’t good enough, not because of his relationship. If Louis doesn’t tell Rachel the truth, Mike threatens to tell her.

Edward, Mike and Harvey discuss their cases. Harvey hands Edward a bag with a biscuit and water. When Edward asks what that is for he tells him that’s what they serve in jail in England where he will soon be for violating the rules. Edward tells them in England there are no rules and assures that Harvey is backed up against the wall.

Jessica finds out Edward took meetings with other firms and is not happy with him. She tells Edward that he is afraid and guarantees she will not lose the case.

As a record player spins in Harvey’s office, Louis walks in and tells him he supports him 100 percent. Harvey assures Louis that he is a great lawyer, but Louis is scared Nigel will out finance him and he won't be the best anymore. When Harvey tells Louis their backs are against the wall and they need time, Louis declares he has access.

Harvey shows up at Mike’s apartment with a confidential waiver to use against Scottie. He tells Mike he would rather cross the line than sign their dotted line.

When Mike goes to meet with Scottie, he finds Jessica instead. He shows her the waiver.

Scottie is in Harvey’s office willing to work with him. Jessica enters the office and kicks Scottie out. She doesn’t want Harvey to break the law and pressures to have everything he has done reversed in a day. Harvey threatens to leave the firm, but Jessica declares she has control over him just like they said.

Scottie goes to see Donna in the file room. She thinks Donna lied to her about saying negative things about her. Scottie asks if Donna is in love with Harvey. Donna replies, no, but gets Scottie to admit she is in love with him and the only way to get his attention was to sue him.

Mike meets up with Scottie. Scottie gives Mike papers that will help Harvey win the case. She also tells Mike about Harvey’s past conflicts with his own family.

Later, Mike gives Harvey the papers. Since Harvey says he can’t trust Scottie, he wants Mike to go find something else they can use.

After a Broadway show, Louis and Nigel meet again. They talk about their past and compromise to keep each other off their lists. Nigel apologizes and is honest with Louis.

Harvey walks into his office to see Donna. She asks him if he is for or against the merger because he has been acting like a fool lately. Since Donna knows about Scottie being in love with Harvey she decides to tell him and wants him to fight for her. Harvey admits he can’t trust Scottie but listens to Donna and tells her to give Mike the papers she already did four hours ago.

Mike tells Jessica he is confident she will either settle or lose the case. Jessica asks Mike where he got the file and wants him to throw them away because it is cheating. She threatens him to file his motion or he will end up in a jail cell for practicing law without a degree.

Harvey fires Mike, but Jessica steps in and saves him. Harvey concludes Jessica is afraid of him, but she retaliates and proclaims how she won so he has to stay and be humble.

As Harvey walks down the hall, he sees Scottie leaving. Just as the elevator doors are about to close, Harvey stops them. Scottie admits she was fired and says goodbye.

Louis tells Donna about Nigel and breaking his promise by adding him to his list. Donna discloses the fact that she read Nigel’s, and Louis’s name wasn’t on it. Since Louis has been doing wrong to so many people he figures he needs to tell Rachel the truth about why she really didn’t get into Harvard.

Harvey tells Edward he is a man of his word and welcomes Edward to the firm. He also wants Edward to give Scottie her job back. The question is will it be there or in London?

Rachel and Mike get into a heated argument about him not signing the letter or being honest with her. Mike tells her he is not willing to lose her yet because he has lost everything else so far. When Rachel demands the truth, Mike admits he never went to Harvard and that he is a fraud. Rachel smacks him twice and before she can do it again he grabs her arm. As she tries to leave, Mike grabs her arm and passionately kisses her.



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