The Superbowl lights up Twitter

By Briana Luca,
When the lights went out at the SuperDome, Twitter lit up

Superbowl 47 will go down in history as one of the most talked about games in history.

It won’t be for the actual game or the players but for what happened when the lights went out.


While the Ravens were up 28-6 in the 3rd quarter, the SuperDome wasn’t so super anymore when the power went out.

The 34-minute long blackout led everyone to Twitter, according to Digital Life.

Companies, fans, and broadcasters alike all tweeted during the blackout, poking fun at how the SuperDome didn’t pay their electricity bill, to “Oreos” letting us all know that cookies are still good in the dark.

The Next Web.com reported that during the entire game, there were 24.1 million tweets relating to the Superbowl. The moments that got the most tweet time? The power outage where it was at its highest peak, saw 231,500 tweets per minute.

It wasn’t just the blackout that sparked an incredible amount of tweets. The Daily Mail says that Queen Bey and the Destiny’s Child reunion generated 5.5 million tweets; everyone from celebrities to normal people couldn’t get enough of Sasha Fierce.

This Superbowl broke records in the Twitter-verse and surely next year will be just the same.



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