'Survivor: Caramoan' Season 26 Episode 2 Recap: 'Honey Badger'

By Ida Brittany Newkirk,

Things got heated last tribal council for Bikal but the craziness didn’t end there. I guess what happens at tribal council doesn’t stay at tribal council.

At camp, Dawn fervently tries to explain her actions to Brandon. Angry that Francesca got voted off, holding Dawn personally responsible for that, an argument ensues between the two. Brandon tells Dawn that she will lose the game because of her vote and she crumbles.

Along the edge of the beach she cries to the camera. She tells the audience that she feels the argument was a personal attack on her and her character but in the game no one’s opinion matters but hers. Dawn goes on to say that if Brandon treats anyone else like that its pollution to the tribe.

On the other side of the beach, Brandon tells Erik that he wants to go ‘Russel Hantz’ on the ones who voted against Francesca. He tells the cameras he feels like Rambo and refuses to go out blindsided by the tribe. The other tribe mates watch from a distance as Brandon loses complete control.

The next day, Brandon is much calmer and has a heart to heart with Cochran under a tree. He tells Cochran that he refuses to unleash ‘Russel Hantz’ on the tribe because he doesn’t want to go out as a quitter. Cochran listens to him but ultimately fears Brandon’s unpredictability, stating that predictability really is everything in the game.

Minutes later Phillip hesitantly walks over to the two and, after being told by Brandon that he isn’t interrupting anything, sits down. Brandon then turns to Phillip and tells him that he wants all the tribe mates to be on the same page when it comes to voting. Phillip refers to Boston Rob yet again, stating that he was taught to minimize the flow of communication in a tribe. Brandon asks Phillip if he can trust him with the flow of communication and Phillip inadvertently insults Brandon.

He tells Brandon that everyone works really hard to be the CEO of a company but what they really need to do is start at a lower level, which is mid management. Brandon asks if he is that mid management employee and when Phillip shrugs, Brandon storms off.

Now realizing that he is on the outs, Brandon becomes enraged. He then runs back to the tribe to complain about Phillip. He tells them that Phillip is starting to bully tribe members like Boston Rob did in his season and a few agree with him.

Over at the Fans camp, it’s very easy to see how little Shamar does. He spends the whole day lounging in the shelter, while everyone else is busy working. He claims that his main concern is conserving his health but also plans to stay under the radar by avoiding arguments. The four tribe outcasts, Reynold, Allie, Hope and Eddie, complain about Shamar’s work ethic and agree to vote him off if they go to tribal council.

Down on the beach, Sherri invites Shamar to join her alliance of five. Shamar quickly says yes, ecstatic that he now has protection. Sherri then tells Shamar that she is sure that the four are going to vote him out if they lose immunity but that he has nothing to worry about. She surprisingly tells Shamar to keep up his antics as well.

At the immunity challenge, Gota gets a first look at the new Bikal tribe. They see that Francesca was voted off last tribal council. Jeff then explains the challenge.

In the immunity challenge, three tribe members from each team must race out on a raft to collect nine rings. After all the rings are collected, three tribe members will pull them in and the remaining two tribe members will try to land the rings on a post. First team to get all their rings on a post wins immunity and reward, which is fishing gear.

Sherri, Julia and Hope race out to the raft for the Fans against Erik, Brenda and Andrea for the Favorites. Erik jumps into the water first and collects two rings for the Favorites, while Sherri is in the water trying to get the first ring for the Fans.

Realizing that she can’t do much else, Sherri gets out of the water and Hope jumps in. With the help of Hope, the Fans gain ground but are still collecting rings as the Favorites are being pulled back to shore.

Malcolm tosses first for the Favorites and lands his first four rings. By the time the Fans get back to shore, Malcolm has already landed his eighth ring. Reynold tosses first for the Fans and after missing several times Michael steps in. Malcolm starts to miss for the Favorites so Phillip steps in and tosses the winning shot. Favorites win, thus sending the Fans to tribal council

Back at camp spirits are high for Bikal and all work together to fish. While walking on the beach collecting fish, Phillip tells Malcolm that he is with him. Phillip then talks about Stealth R Us Inc and how it’s grown since Survivor: Redemption Island .

Malcolm, the newest member, is given the name ‘the enforcer’. They both walk over to the shelter and Phillip introduces the rest of Stealth R Us to the audience. Phillip tells us that he’s ‘the specialist’, Dawn is ‘true grit’, Andrea is ‘the eliminator’, Cochran is ‘the intelligence attaché’, and Corinne is ‘the dominatrix’. Though happy to be in the majority, Malcolm grows concerned about Phillips erratic behavior.

Over at Gota things get crazy. Allie tells her alliance that she wants to vote off Shamar. Reynold, Hope and Eddie all agree. Reynold then takes it upon himself to share his alliances disgust with Shamar. Reynold tells Shamar that he is voting him off because his poor performance at the challenge and his lack of work around camp is hindering the tribe. Shamar bites back, telling Reynold that the argument is nothing more than a weak attempt to take the heat off of him.

The next day Matt, unsure of which alliance to go to, decides to team up with Eddie and Reynold to vote off Shamar and plans to pull in Mike. Near the beach, Sherri talks with Matt and Michael. Matt tells Sherri that he is on the fence about voting off Shamar but Sherri convinces Matt to keep him. Laura tells Sherri that she wants Allie to go and everyone agrees.

Minutes before tribal council, Reynold desperately goes searching for the hidden immunity idol. Surprisingly, he finds it and quickly stuffs it in his pocket. Laura notices the bulge and gets nervous that he may use the idol to save Allie. Since there is no time to talk things over with her alliance Laura prays everything goes according to plan.

At tribal council, Michael talks about his experience living with others while vying for $1 million. Michael then mentions the four other tribe members, speculating on why they are distant from the rest of the tribe. Jeff notices the divide.

Allie jumps in and says that she, Eddie, Hope and Reynold all hang out because they are similar. When asked by Jeff is he was concerned about their close connections, Matt says no. Shamar says that they believe Reynold and Allie are a couple but they both deny it.

Jeff then switches to Shamar. He asks him how it’s been living on the island since he used to be a soldier. Shamar says he’s is big man who has only had two scoops of rice and three coconuts before coming to tribal. He admits to focusing on conserving his energy. When asked about the loss of the immunity challenge, Shamar states that too many voices hurt the tribe.

Rey jumps in and says that Shamars laziness and cryptic comments is what hurts the tribe, not the lack of communication. Shamar defends himself and says that he is now the scapegoat and has been an outcast from day one because he is big, loud guy.

Laura comes out of left field and tells Jeff that she came to tribal thinking they were all voting as a family but points out that she saw a bulge in a tribe members pocket. She wouldn’t say a name but Jeff points out that she is looking directly at Reynold.

Reynold chimes in and shows the tribe his immunity idol. He says that he is voting as a family so Laura asks him why he brought the idol to tribal. He responds by saying that he wants to ensure his safety and tells the whole tribe that he plans to play the idol and be done with it.

They all go vote. As expected when Jeff asks if anyone wants to use their idol Rey refuses to play it. The votes are read and with a 5-4 vote Allie is voted off. Tune in next week to see how the tribe reacts to that.

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