'Switched at Birth' recap: ‘Drive in the Knife’

By Lena Finkel,

This week on Switched at Birth, things are definitely heating up as Bay starts her new relationship with Noah, Regina tries to start her life over after her injury, and John works on his campaign for state senate with the help of the family.

After kissing last week at Bay’s party, Bay and Noah are officially an “item” and are enjoying all the perks of new coupledom. But just as Bay is falling into her relationship, Daphne can’t help but want to get out of hers. Although sweet (but somewhat angry) Travis tries to woo her with homemade food and a picnic, Daphne ends things for good, pulling the “let’s just be friends” card. Travis storms off angry.

Kathryn, who took up directing the school play to entertain herself, asks Daphne to audition for the role of the nurse in Romeo and Juliet. Thinking it will distract her from Travis, Daphne takes her up on the offer.

Meanwhile, Regina seems quite cozy with her new trumpet-playing boyfriend Zane and despite falling off the wagon last week, tries to resist the drinks he keeps shoving her way.

The patriarch of the family John, not to be forgotten, enlists the help of the kids in his campaign for state senate and asks Bay to design a billboard (much to her delight) and Toby to, well, to do something to help, to which he reluctantly agrees.

At Daphne’s audition for the play, Noah tries to apologize for his outbreak at Bay’s party (where he declared that all deaf people talk like seals) and although she brushes him off, the two end up hitting it off.

After that, Bay decides that she should tell Emmett about her and Noah before he hears it through the grapevine. Despite his relentless pining for Bay, Emmett takes the news surprisingly well. He lays one on her and asks her if she’s really ready to move on. Apparently he’s not very threatened by Noah.

Back at the play, Daphne and Noah are rehearsing and seem to be getting quite friendly. Are those sparks in the air? Their time is cut short, however, when Kathryn tells Daphne that she has to go to the police station to identify her attacker from last episode (when the attacker stole her food truck money because she was deaf). After identifying the guy, Travis is brought in to do the same but refuses to admit that he sees him. Daphne confronts Travis, thinking that he did it out of her anger towards her.

Regina starts her new job at a design company, despite the fact that she has no previous experience. Afterwards, she joins Zane for another drink, when she really falls off the wagon, making her an hour and a half late for her new job the next morning. She is promptly fired.

Trying to appear more helpful, Toby joins Emmett in putting up signs for John’s campaign. The two bond a little before meeting Elisa, a cute and spunky girl helping out with the campaign. The trio goes out campaigning together before Emmett backs off to give Toby and Elisa some alone time together.

Meanwhile, while rehearsing for the play, Daphne has a realization about why Travis refused to identify the attacker and goes to hunt him down. She finds him attempting to beat him up for a little vigilante revenge. The two fight some more before he storms off. She later tells John about Travis’ intentions and John sets him straight. Travis ends up confessing the truth about the attacker’s identity to the police.

After agonizing over the sign for her father’s campaign, Bay reveals her graffiti-inspired billboard idea. Although the campaign manager Ivan makes faces at the image, John loves it. But when Bay later goes to collect money for her design, she overhears Ivan mocking the billboard and claiming that John will lose. She takes matters into her own hands and refuses to submit the design, trying to save her father’s campaign. When John hears of this, he admits that he already knows of Ivan’s lack of faith and doesn’t care.

While Bay is dealing with the campaign, Toby has abandoned the job to hook-up with his new friend Elisa. Their time together is ruined, however, when he realizes that her mom is his father’s opponent. After accusing her of using him to upset her mother, he leaves her in a huff.

At the end of the episode, Regina goes back to the bar after losing her job and has another drink. When she comes home drunk, she stumbles into a confused Bay. Has Regina fallen off the wagon for good?

In the weeks to come it looks like Regina and Bay fight (possibly about Regina’s alcoholism?) and Daphne and Noah kiss! Watch Switched at Birth on ABC Family next Monday to find out what happens.



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