'Switched at Birth' Recap: 'Tight Rope Walker'

By Lena Finkel,

After last week on Switched at Birth when Bay caught Regina coming back drunk, she decides to approach Daphne about the situation. Daphne does not take it too kindly and quickly gets defensive about her mom. Despite Daphne’s inspiring speech about her mother’s capabilities to overcome adversity, Bay is unmoved and unconvinced.

Afterwards, Daphne heads to school to practice for the school production of Romeo and Juliet where Kathryn asks her to take up the role of Juliet since the previous girl dropped out. Never one to let anyone down, Daphne reluctantly agrees. This means that she plays Juliet opposite Noah as Romeo, and it is later revealed that the two will have to kiss in the play. What a perfect set-up for disaster!

Meanwhile, when Bay runs into Regina, she questions her about her supposed “sickness” from the other night. Still unconvinced by Regina’s excuses, Bay asks her to invite her new boyfriend Zane over so they can meet. Regina agrees on the condition that Bay invites her new boyfriend Noah as well.

Back in the Kennish home, Toby decides to give Elisa a second chance, even though she tricked him into making out with her to spite her mother. She tells him about her plans to go to Greece and the Fender guitar she once owned, both financed by her mother.

After finishing up rehearsal for the play, Daphne runs into Natalie in the hall. Natalie explains that the previous Juliet dropped out because she felt that Carleton was using the play to show how well the deaf and hearing kids were getting along, and she didn’t want to be a part of that. Natalie then tells Daphne that the school is considering expanding the hearing program and that a bunch of kids are going to the school board to protest. She encourages Daphne to drop the play in support.

Finally, the big dinner with Regina’s boyfriend arrives and Zane unfortunately bring a bottle of wine. Bay is immediately suspicious and tries to drum up some trouble in hopes of revealing Regina’s drinking. She is rather unsuccessful but she does notice how well Daphne and Noah seem to be getting along to her surprise.

Back at Carleton, Kathryn finds out about the impending protest for the hearing program and quickly reveals how little she understands deaf culture. Emmett’s mother Melody tells Kathryn off and leads the kids to the protest. Although Daphne originally stands up for Kathryn, she changes her mind and runs off to the protest. Kathryn is left stunned and upset.

At the protest, the Board of Education makes up a bunch of excuses for why the hearing program must expand and promptly shuts down Melody. Luckily, Daphne stands up and makes a very moving speech in favor of keeping Carleton for the deaf.

Meanwhile, John Kennish decides to talk to Toby about hooking up with his campaign opponent’s daughter. John encourages Toby to think about whether or not they are dating for the right reasons. Toby later realizes how spoiled Elisa really is and decides to call up his ex-girlfriend Nikki. Although she had dumped him for not being Christian enough, they decide to get back together.

Later, Bay goes to find out once and for all whether Regina has fallen off the wagon. She goes to the club to talk to Zane where she tells him about Regina’s alcoholism — oops! Once Regina finds out about their chat, she explodes on Bay and makes her cry. Two minutes later, she realizes what she’s done and goes to apologize. Bay forgives her and agrees not to keep Regina’s mishaps a secret. In return, Regina agrees to stop drinking again.

When Daphne finally returns to play rehearsals, she approaches Kathryn pretty upset. She reveals that instead of expanding the hearing program, the school board has decided to close Carleton and the kids will all be dispersed to hearing schools.

In the next episode of Switched at Birth, Daphne and Noah kiss and Kathryn tries to help save the school. The episode will be a very special all-American Sign Language episode, the first for the series. Make sure you check it out!



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