Sylvester Stallone says he is in favor of banning assault weapons

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Rambo sends mixed messages on the premiere week of his latest movie.

The same weekend of the release of Sylvester Stallone's latest shoot-em-up flick, Bullet to the Head, the 66-year-old action star says that he is in favor of a new ban on assault weapons.

According to the Associated Press, Stallone supported the 1994 assault weapons ban that was passed by Congress but has since expired. The issue has been a hot-topic of debate since the mass-shootings that took place in 2012.

Stallone said in an interview Friday with the Associated Press that he supports a new ban. He said assault weapons are an impractical thing to have, unless you're carrying out an assault much like the ones he carries out in his action films like Rambo and The Expendables.

Still, he says that guns should not be the focus so much as mental-health in dealing with mass-shooters.

"...That's where we've dropped the ball: Mental Health," Stallone said.

Bullet to the Head opened nationwide Friday and features another of Stallone's characters racking up a high body count with high-powered machine guns.

USA Today reviewed the movie earlier this week, calling it a "new low" for Stallone whose "timing could not be worse."



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