Tamagotchi returns thanks to new Android app

By Daniel S Levine,

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s likely remembers having a Tamagotchi pet, a small electronic pet that was part of the decade’s toy craze. Bandai Co. and Sync Beatz Entertainment, the companies behind the toy, are hoping to revive the brand with a new Android app.

The app is titled Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. (Love Is Fun Everywhere), which launched today. It is available for free and recreates the original three-button experience of having a Tamagotchi pet. A 99 cents version is available without ads.

ABC News reports that the app has two modes. “TOY Mode” is a perfect recreation of the original plastic toy, while a full screen mode is more tablet-friendly.

“The idea was to base the gameplay on the original Tamagotchi that everyone knows and loves,” Sync Beatz’s Shin Ueno told The Associated Press. “As we move along, every two months, we'll refresh the app, and it will evolve.”

Sync Beatz and Bandai do bring Tamagotchi up to the 21st Century though, with options to share information with friends on Facebook. It also includes new, full-color pets.

“Fans who grew up with Tamagotchi are, today, positive, assured, intrepid, cooperative and empowering, much like the attributes of the brand’s namesake,” Bandai said in a statement.

Tamagotchi hit the market 16 years ago and at least 78 million have been sold since then. The companies will have a version available for Apple iOS soon.



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